Assisting families to afford the treatment of behavioral and psychiatric issues in adolescents

1 in 5 children struggle with their mental health, yet knowledge and support for children’s mental well-being are limited.

Who We Are

The Peaceful Family Fund was established to assist eligible Jewish families with expenses related to the treatment of neurobehavioral issues in adolescents ages 8-18, particularly long-term programs and care.

With the generosity of our funders, we are able to offer emotional and financial support to families in need through interest-free loans and grants to cover treatment. 

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Interested in Applying for Assistance?

Families apply to Peaceful Family Fund for financial assistance

A full application is required including letters of recommendations and personal financial information.

In-need families are carefully selected from applicants

Applicants continue through the process and are assigned a Peaceful Family Fund Patient Coordinator for ongoing support and guidance.

Families become a part of the fund

During treatment, the family is engaged the entire step of the way and stays in touch with their Patient Coordinator.

While Our Application Process is Simple for Families In Need, Our Selection Process is Thorough to Ensure Assistance is Given to Families Who Need It Most

As you continue to explore the Peaceful Family Fund, the application page will share more about the selection process and criteria. The process may seem long and tedious but is purposeful and we’re here to support you the entire way.

Peaceful Family Fund Event

Complex Cases in Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry Symposium

Friday, March 24, 2023

A one-day symposium designed to foster ongoing collaboration between the professionals who touch the lives of children at risk for complex psychiatric conditions. This connectivity optimizes the quality of care to the level needed to bring peace and health to the lives of these children and their families.